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Are your pillows lumpy or fluffy?

We understand that feather pillows and down comforters lose their shape over time. For that reason, we clean and renovate your feather pillows. Our Feathertex pillow experts take great care when cleaning and renovating your pillows and comforters. Your pillows will be clean, but most importantly, your sleep improves too!


Pillow Cleanings

As feather pillows get old, the feathers breakdown. As a result, your pillows flatten. Our pillow experts at Feathertex professionally clean and sanitize your pillows individually. This ensures that your feathers are in perfect condition.  We include a brand new shell (ticking) with this service. Clean your pillows every year to keep them in good condition and minimize allergies.

Please call for a price quote. CALL NOW TO SCHEDULE YOUR CLEANING

Comforter Renovations

During a comforter renovation, Feathertex removes all the feathers/down out of your comforter. Then, we professionally sanitize them.  Each comforter is cleaned individually to ensure only your feathers are returned into the new comforter shell.

We recommend that you keep a duvet cover on your comforter to help it from getting soiled. Please call for a price quote. CALL NOW TO SCHEDULE YOUR COMFORTER RENOVATION